PRODUCTS and Packages

Hardware and Software Recommendations and Acquisition

IDS employees an entire staff to research the latest in hardware and software technology. When IDS recommends a product, you can be sure it is the latest, most appropriate product for your current and future needs. We only sell quality products that will hold up to your critical computing requirements. Our Corporate partners include IBM, Microsoft, Citrix, WatchGuard, Thin Clients, and many more.

International Data Systems, LLC - Products

The Idea for IDS products is to use industry leading vendors to build full product packages. IDS is a Value Added Company, This means we take mulitpule vendor products and combine them into a complete package.
Like a good Chef can take fresh ingredients to present a full wonderful mulit-course meal. IDS takes quality equipment and software and can present a full stable package.

Product Package

IDS will build a complete package that will be customized to the goals of your business IDS goal is to provide a complete solution to YOUR goals and buiness needs. This is a major departute of traditional Information Technology companies that recommend products Trying to convice a business they need a certian product or project