Managed Services The Proactive Approach

Keeping Businesses Running

Our Goal is to keep your Systems running.
Scheduled Manaintience and Managed Services Allows a Proactive Approach. With scheduled Machine and Server updates, Monitoring logs and services to address Issues BEFORE they have a larger impact on your systems. Managed Services provide monitoring tools for your systems as well as phone support both of these tools are a great way to make sure business running at the optimum level and there is a direct 24/7 support function.

Managed Services The Proactive Approach

An IT Partner not Provider

We can reduce the amount of issues that you endure. We’ll have technicians looking after your network to deal with issues BEFORE they affect your productivity. 2Mobius Technology Solutions, Inc Support program addresses your IT needs by: Detecting and resolving issues before they happen Remotely repairing the issues to reduce billing time Providing emergency support and remote preventative maintenance on your network to ensure it is operating as efficiently as possible.

Key Features

Real-time monitoring-the distributed data collection system collects and monitors the critical health metrics of your network. Proactive Notifications-system notifies your technicians via email, pager or SMS when critical events occur, allowing you to react quickly to any alert. Reporting-generate availability, performance, capacity and trend reports to support service level objectives. Run reports at any time or schedule them for automated delivery.