How important is your data?

Today when time is money and everything needs to be done yesterday, the performance of your computer network and effective data management are critical. With Scheduled Network Maintenance and Managed Care Services, you can be assured of an effective proactive approach. Let International Data Systems be your be a cost-effective solution to handle your IT requirements. We can help you design a routine maintenance plan that fits your business needs. With scheduled Machine and Server updates, Monitoring logs, services and backups, IDS can identify issues BEFORE they have a larger negative impact on your systems. Managed Services provide remote monitoring tools for your systems as well as telephone support. These tools applied to a routine Maintenance Plan, On Site and Remote, with Emergency Service as needed are great ways to make sure business runs at the optimum level and there is a direct 24/7 support function.

Key Services Offered

• 24/7 Help Desk
• 24/7 Emergency Response
• Network Engineering and Design
• Cyber-Security Measures and monitoring
• Computer/Network Maintenance
• Monitoring of Network Systems
• Monitoring of Network Backups
• Expertise in Virtual System Applications
• A Certified Partner with major OEMS such as Citrix, IBM, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Cisco, Symantec and many others
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